Security Deposit and charges

The Security Deposit holds your date. Is not part of your rental fee. You will receive it about 2 -3 weeks after event.

Rate for extra work is $30 per hour.

Cleaning bar, kitchen, microwave etc.

Picking up in yard, parking lot, roof, or creek.

Taking down decorations.

Fixing or repairing items. plus cost of item.

Lost or broken pitchers                                             $10

magnetic hooks                                                         $6

Broken chairs                                                            $25

Broken tables                                                            $125

Broken paper dispenser                                            $55

Ceiling tile                                                                 $20 each

Special Note if you stain floor ie confetti etc.

the only way to clean it  is to strip and rewax

which takes 2 days and chemicals.                          $250